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TITLE: Gamma Andrade signs of intelligent civilization. Evaluation of the feasibility of peaceful interspecies interaction.

PURPOSE: A longitudinal, retrospective study was designed in order to analyze the electromagnetic information originating from Gamma Andrade which has been captured during the last 50 standard years. This research aims at contributing to the ongoing effort of establishing a peaceful relationship with near galactic space faring species in order to advance towards a common evolutionary ascension.

METHODS: A Beyond Cometary Cloud Long Range Scanner (BCCLRS_4) was programmed to retrieve and relay a range of electromagnetic frequencies emitted from within a 2 light year radius sphere centred on Gamma Andrade, a grade 3 planet 100 light years from our system. Frequencies ranging from 1 to 1000 MHz were examined for visual and audio data from which information could be obtained regarding the status of the Gamma Andrade civilization. All images and audio signals were automatically processed with a DeathRisk Algorithm© and the results were statistically compared with those of a control group of DR index = 0.

RESULTS: The total data volume weighted 29.33 Yottabytes and consisted mostly in visual bursts (mean = 121 MHz; SD = 23 MHz) captured between 13421 and 13431. Audio signals were mainly of a melodic nature and conveyed scant information for the purposes of the present study. Visual data was graded with a DR index = 6.3 on a maximum 10 scale, and remained constant throughout the time interval under evaluation. A statistically significant difference was encountered between Gamma Andrade and the control group (p < 0.001).

DISCUSSION: As the probability of peaceful interspecies interaction decreases exponentially with a DR index over 2, any communication with the intelligent civilization of Gamma Andrade is highly unadvisable and would result in immediate warfare and global Gamma Andrade species annihilation. Although the likelihood of survival of the Gamma Andrade intelligent civilization is not significant, the implementation of measures to avoid accidental trespassing of a 10 light year sphere centred on the Andrade star is highly recommended.

J. Gamma Cnc. Exobiol. 13432 © The Xffgxst Academy of Exobiology and Alien Encounters

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